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Netgear support hell reloaded - Part 2

The faulty -or not- drive is a WD10EA DS and WD10EA CS is on the supported list. However Erik tells me today:
a) It must be the drive (I bet it is not)
b) Unfortunately if a drive is not on our hardware compatibility list we cannot support it. Drive manufacturers have been no to make updates to their drives that make then incompatible with our devices. What the exact issue with these drives are we cannot say.

Basically: Customer go away!

Posted by on 02 February 2010 | Comments (2) | categories: Technology


  1. posted by Henning Heinz on Tuesday 02 February 2010 AD:
    Isn't this the same IBM does when they respond that your great Debian server is not supported?
    Sorry, could not resist but good luck anyway.
  2. posted by Perter Meuser on Tuesday 02 February 2010 AD:
    I planed to use this type of drive with a QNAP NAS, but give them back after QNAP advise to not use them.

    Here is some more background to the issue:
    { Link }