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Lotusphere 2010 Session evaluations AD107, AD111

The session evaluations are in. This is what you told us about about the sessions I was involved:
  • AD107 (Enhance Your Existing Applications with XPages) with Steve Castledine
    • Good - Usable when I get home
    • Excellent - Just what we need in order to keep up the pressure regarding open source and the rest of the wolf pack of the competition.
    • Excellent - I'm finally sold on XPage.
    • Excellent - WONDERFUL
    • Excellent - Excellent content
    • Excellent - I would really like to try uses Xpages in some of our current Web applications
    • Excellent - Great step by step session on XPages enhancement.
    • Excellent - These guys are always enjoyable and knowledgeable
    • Good - However, no reason to rush through the slides - when we finished 10-15 minutes before time!!!
    • Excellent - Great presentation. Good information on how to get started with xpages
    • Good - It is somewhat hard to keep up the pace trying to digest, learn and follow the presentation. Its going too fast.
    • Excellent - Well done. Speakers created a great rapport with the audiance.
    • Excellent - But why so hurry? They quit more than 10 minutes before 11.00
    • Excellent - great job guys. good sense of humor balanced with straight talk.
    • Excellent - Both superb
    • Excellent - Very enjoyable and clear presenters
    • Excellent - Both presenters did a great job. Seemed to know the material very well.
    • Worked great together, provided excellent examples and material.
    • Excellent speakers, a whole lot of information to digest in an hour but really excited to get into xpages at work
    • The comparrisson was excellent - it gives a very good view of what one can and can't do with xPages.
    • The room was absolutely freezing -- I left early and yes, I had a light jacket on.
    • Thanks!
  • AD111 (Harnessing the Power of Server-Side JavaScript and Other Advanced XPage Techniques) with Tim Tripcony
    • Excellent - Excellent stuff for new XPages developers and even for exeprienced ones.
    • Excellent - Very interesting and I can't wait until I could dowload the code examples Excellent - lots of good stuff...would be nice to have some more of what Tim had to say in the actual slide deck, like a bit more detail on the caching stuff
    • Good - IT WAS GOOD
    • Excellent - The best session this year!
    • Excellent - Great stuff! I had no idea Xpages were so powerful.
    • Excellent - They are both very talented with a great sense of humor
    • Excellent - relaxed and ready, everything you could ask for in speakers. bring these guys back for more!
    • Excellent - Good material, well-presented. A good team.
    • Excellent - Very clear enjoyable speakers, I get more from these sessions than if they are dry.
    • Thanks, guys, looking forward to the sample code.
    • parts of SSJS may still elude me...but this session has moved me to the next phase of grieving for my beloved lotuscript...I now accept that there are bigger and better things, perhaps this will finally bring me to closure
    • Best session of this Lotusphere
Thanks for the great feedback!

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  1. posted by Steve Castledine on Tuesday 02 February 2010 AD:
    We were too perfect in allowing time for questions on the first run, at least we didn't make that mistake the second time.

    It certainly was a pleasure to present with you, and made it a lot easier for me to present because of your style - so many thanks Stephan :)
  2. posted by Tim Tripcony on Tuesday 02 February 2010 AD:
    Stephan, thanks again for co-presenting with me... it was a blast, and presenting along side a calm, relaxed, knowledgeable veteran made my "rookie" speaking experience so much easier. I was glad to see that our session seems to have accomplished what we set out to do: give attendees a sense of the limitless possibilities of the platform that lie just beneath the surface of the WYSIWYG of XPages.