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Testing Aura and LWC in a single Test

You drank the CoolAid and noticed that the Aura framework has been archived. You are hell bend to migrate your components.

Regression Test required

Aura components were testable using the Lightning Testing Service, while Lightning Web Components get tested using lwc-jest. These tests are not compatible.

UI-licious to the rescue. UI-licious is a testing framework for UI tests. They use a simple JavaScript syntax to provide testing and a rather clever addressing of elements. Other than Selenium, they don't rely on CSS selectors or XPath expressions (You still can use those).

To be very clear: A UI level testing library is not a replacement for proper unit testing. UI-licious has two use cases here: top of the pyramid UI testing and spotting UI level regressions. To learn more about the "testing pyramid", check out Martin Fowler's essay.

To give it a try I created 2 components with identical functionality: one in Aura, one as LWC. The components show a dialog where you can pick values for radio buttons. Shi Ling, the CEO provided the test script (the login subroutine omitted for brevity):

I.wait(30) // wait for salesforce to be ready
I.click("App Launcher")
I.click("Clown around")

I.see("Having 2 components of the same type")

test("The aura version")
test("The LWC version")

function test(btn){
  I.see("Pick an Opportunity and Color")
  I.click("Product Opportunity")
  I.see("Nicely done")

Watch the result for yourself:

What I really like: UI-licious builds the collaboration feature around testing, so stakeholders can see any time what's going on. Give them a try!

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