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Salesforce one year on

A year ago I said Good by IBM, Hello Salesforce. A lot has happened in the last 12 month. Salesforce is only my second salaried job, I've been running my own companies and been freelance before.

Coming from IBM, where Resource Actions had efficiently killed employee engagement, Salesforce's Ohana culture was a refreshing different. It makes such a difference to work with people who are genuinely interested in your success, without exception. In summary:

  • I became a Trailblazer Ranger, completing 30 trails, 206 badges and collecting 169625 points
  • Passed five Salesforce certifications
  • Contributed to customer success in Singapore, Australia and Korea
  • Wrote 25 blog entries (Way to little, more are coming)
  • Moved my blog from Domino to git (more on that below)
  • Contributed to OpenSource on github:
  • Maintainer for node-red-contrib-salesforce. The nodes that connect NodeRED to Salesforce, including the support for platform events
  • Excel2XML: Tool that converts XLSX tables into XML, so data can be extracted in command line applications. Main purpose is to make Excel data accessible in build pipelines (e.g. sample values for tests)
  • Spring Boot and Salesforce Canvas: Sample application that turns a Canvas POST into a JWT authentication, so classic multi pages applications can be integrated into Salesforce Canvas
  • Vert.x proxy Filtering proxy implemented in Apache vert.x. It allows to front a web application and filter HTML, JSON etc. based on content and URL
  • SFDC Platform Events: Modules for Apache vert.x to connect to Salesforce. It includes authentication and processing of platform events. This allows for high performance multi-threaded interaction with Salesforce APIs, not limited to platform events
  • Blog Comments Tool that accepts a JSON formated comment structure and creates a Bitbucket file, a commit and a pull request. Allows for a database free comment engine
  • BlogEngine: The application that powers this blog. It generates static files when commits/merges happen to my master branch on Bitbucket

What a ride, onto year two!

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  1. posted by Eric Mack on Monday 02 April 2018 AD:

    Congratulations, Stephen. Best of success to you!

  2. posted by Ethann Castell on Tuesday 10 April 2018 AD:

    Sounds like you made the right move. Really happy how things have worked out for you.