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Goodbye IBM, hello Salesforce!

The Ministry of Manpower in Singapore is running a campaign "A new career at 55". Intrigued by it, I decided to give it a shot.

I will be joining Salesforce in Singapore as Cloud Solution Architect this Monday.

My 11 year tenure in IBM thus came to its end. With the new co-location policy sweeping though IBM, I realised, that staying in Singapore will not get me any closer to Notes than the December delivery of Verse on premises. Moving with my offspring in JC wasn't an option.

Working with the "Yellow bubble" always was fun and I intend to continue to participate there. Over the years the community propelled me to one of the top XPages experts on Stackoverflow, adopted my word creation XAgents and always made me feel welcome.

I had the opportunity to contribute code back to the community via OpenNTF on github. Check them out:

  • DominoDAV
    A webDAV implementation for Domino attachments. It allows you to fully round-trip edit office documents in a browser. It is extensible, so you could make views look like spreadsheets etc.
  • Swiftfile Java for Notes
    We had to pick a different name (AFSfNC) to add to the confusion. The project is a Java plugin implementation of Swiftfile, the little tool that would predict what folder you would file a message to. In todays lingo one would call it: Cognitive tag prediction (in Notes Folders and Tags could be used interchangeable)
  • Out of Office
    a Rest API that allows to check the OOO status of a given user
  • DominoRED
    Linking Domino and NodeRED. Very much work in progress

So let the adventure "From sensei to n00b" begin. See you on the other side!

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  1. posted by Christoph Stoettner on Saturday 01 April 2017 AD:

    All the best Stephan and thanks for everything. Even the chinese goodies you brought to conferences. :)

  2. posted by Aditi on Saturday 01 April 2017 AD:

    Congratulations!! And best wishes for new adventures.

  3. posted by Ursus Schneider on Saturday 01 April 2017 AD:

    Wow - thank you for all your info / help in the past and wishing you all the best for the future!

  4. posted by Tony Ollivier on Saturday 01 April 2017 AD:

    Congrats and have fun in your new career!

  5. posted by Stephen Pridemore on Saturday 01 April 2017 AD:

    best of luck in your new adventure.

  6. posted by Ursus Schneider on Saturday 01 April 2017 AD:

    ah.... I see :o)

  7. posted by stefano pogliani on Sunday 02 April 2017 AD:

    Good luck Stephan ! All the best

  8. posted by Rishab Sharma on Sunday 02 April 2017 AD:

    Congratulations on your new move !!! Thanks for the help and guidance extended..We will surely miss you..

  9. posted by Wes Morgan on Sunday 02 April 2017 AD:

    Sounds like an excellent 'next step', my friend - all the best to you and yours!

  10. posted by Jens Bruntt on Sunday 02 April 2017 AD:

    Good luck with the new career.

  11. posted by Ethann Castell on Sunday 02 April 2017 AD:

    Can't believe it, you almost got me. I was half-way through typing a goodbye!

  12. posted by Stephan on Monday 03 April 2017 AD:


    Congratulations on your new position at Salesforce, I happy for you but at the same time sadden to see you leave the Yellow bubble. Your IBM-related blogs have been a great asset to the community. IBM is losing a great resource. Good Luck!

  13. posted by Matteo Bisi on Monday 03 April 2017 AD:

    All the best for this new chapter !! Thanks for all your previous work !!

  14. posted by Csaba Kiss on Tuesday 04 April 2017 AD:

    Good luck, Mr Wissel! You'll be sorely missed in the IBM community.