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Create an Enterprise Event Calendar on the Cheap

With Notes 8.5 comes the ability to overlay your own calendar with other calendars. An obvious use case for this functionality (besides your kids school calendar) is the list of corporate events. To get a corporate event calendar follow these easy steps:
  1. Create a new database on your server. Call it Corporateevents.nsf and base it on the standard mail template
  2. Give normal users "No access" with "Read Public Documents" access in the ACL
    Give read access to Public Documents
    You can add this setting in the preferences too, same effect.
  3. Create a mail-in document in your Domino directory pointing to that database
    Mail-In Documents are in the Directory
    Sample Mail-in document
  4. Open the database and edit the profile (More - Preferences)
    1. Set the mailbox owner to the mail in name you just created (Corporate Events in our example)
      Change the Mailfile Owner
    2. Edit the Autoprocessing settings in Calendar & ToDo to automatically accept all incoming invitations
      Calendar Autoprocessing Options
    3. Check the access settings to verify our ACL change above worked (or make the changes here)
      Mail access settings
    Save the preferences and you are good to go
How to use this:
Anybody who wants to manage an event would simply create a calendar entry (meeting invite) in his/her own calendar and invite "Corporate Events" to the "meeting". In the meeting body all event information like agenda, directions (take the staircase, all 27 steps, turn left at the water cooler) and other useful information can be listed. Almost always corporate events undergo changes when moving through their planning stages from idea to proposal to planned to confirmed. The event owner just needs to update the calendar entry in the personal mail file to keep the corporate events listing up to date. And we all know nothing is closer to you than anything in your mail file (except for Luis of course).
As usual: YMMV

Posted by on 15 October 2010 | Comments (4) | categories: Show-N-Tell Thursday


  1. posted by Wayne Sobers on Friday 15 October 2010 AD:
    One more reason to deploy 852.
  2. posted by Elijah Lapson on Friday 15 October 2010 AD:
    Great tip! @2 FYI you do not need 8.5.2 to do this. We have been using this techniques for years. The overlaying ability is what is new.

  3. posted by Kevin Pettitt on Friday 15 October 2010 AD:
    Nice one Stephan!
  4. posted by Juergen on Saturday 15 January 2011 AD:
    Another great post, thanks for that.

    Just one comment: The mail-in name most likely has to be hierarchical (e.g. "Corporate Events/MyOrg"), otherwise the default mail template won't allow the change of the owner.
    Error message: "The owner's name must be entered in hierarchical format, because the current user's ID is hierarchical".
    Alternatively the check could be removed from the mail template.