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What type of Engineer is god?

A mechanical, an electrical, a chemical and a civil engineer fell into an argument what kind of engineer god would be. Using man, the crown of god's creation as an example each of the engineers argued his case. The mechanical engineer explained: " Look at the skeleton, the joints, the spine and the delicate balance it is capable of. God must be a mechanical engineer". "Wait a second" replied the electrical engineer. " Look at the nervous system, the eyes and the brain, that is electrical engineering at its best. God must be an electrical engineer". The chemical engineer stated: " The digestive system, the blood circulation, the liver, the lungs and the intestines are the best of the best in chemical engineering. God must be a chemical engineer". The civil engineer smiled: "You are all wrong. Of course god is a civil engineer". Astonished the other engineers demanded him to explain." Look at man as a whole. It is a little bit of everything like in civil engineering. And only a civil engineer could come up with the idea to lay the waste water pipe straight through the amusement park"

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  1. posted by Bill on Tuesday 23 March 2010 AD:

    During the '80's, the Edinburgh Yellow pages had the entry:

    'Civil Engineering: See Boring'


    Mechanical Engineers build weapons
    Civil engineers build targets.

    ---* Bill