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Domino Configuration Tuner

The Domino Server has hundreds of configuration parameter and you need to be a real expert to master them all. For less smart people like the rest of us, there is the Domino Configuration Tuner (DCT). DCT can analyze R7 and R8 servers: Domino Configuration Tuner is available to any customer free of charge. It works with Lotus Domino server 7.0 and later, and runs on the Lotus Notes client, standard or basic, version 8 and later. There are no required changes to a customer domain configuration in order to take advantage of DCT evaluation.
R6.x servers are not supported, but you can run DCT and see what happens <g>
To sum it up:
  1. DCT is free of charge
  2. No changes are required in your Domino configuration
  3. You need one R8 client to run the tool
  4. You could even install a Notes client on a stick to run DCT (see this)
  5. It does analyze R7 and later servers
  6. There is a lot of information already available
  7. The Domino wiki provides a detailed description
  8. Harry Peebles posted a slidedeck on slideshare about DCT
  9. You can watch a video tour about DCT
  10. DCT and Domino Domain Monitoring (DDM) complement each other. So while you are on it implement both
  11. DCT is available for download free of charge from the IBM Website
  12. DCT runs fast, depending on your network configuration you spend just a few minutes per server
What's your excuse not to run it?

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