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MobileMe hosed my Mac

Yeah, Macs don't crash. Macs are easy, you don't need to worry. System updates are reliable. Yesterday my Mac Mini's software update prompted me to install the system upgrade that would add MobileMe support. So routinely I clicked yes. This morning when I booted the Mac I was greeted after login with "The application FileSyncAgent quit unexpectedly." and very ironic below "Mac OS X and other applications are not affected".
Bah humbug! The crashing file sync agent takes down the top menu, so I even can't access the preferences to switch off Sync. Also opening Finder or any application wouldn't work. So basically the Mac is dead. I guess the Mac of SWMBO will not get that upgrade any time soon.

Update: I reinstalled the Mac, but I mixed up the install DVDs. It is now happily running on OpenSuse 11.0.

Posted by on 14 July 2008 | Comments (2) | categories: Mac


  1. posted by Pg Izam Ryan Bahrin on Saturday 26 July 2008 AD:
    Well, on the bright side, since you have two Macs what you could do is connect the Mini to the SWMBO's Mac via FireWire.

    Then boot the Mac Mini ini FireWire hard disk mode. You can then access the Mini via the Finder in the SWMBO's Mac and do the necessary jiggery-pokery to fix it.

    Probably back everything up and reinstall Mac OS X Emoticon biggrin.gif
  2. posted by Steve McDonald on Monday 28 July 2008 AD:
    Based on the WSJ post on MobileMe, it sounds like something to generally be avoided. Sorry to hear about your crash.

    { Link }