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How much attachments are on your servers?

In a recent discussion a customer asked how much space could they save on their mail servers if they move all attachments to Lotus Quickr or an content management solution like IBM DB/2 CommonStore for Domino. While you can inspect a database easily for size and number of documents it doesn't tell you how much of this size is attributed to attachments. Since altering the mail template to add an attachment view was out of the picture I whipped up a little script, that will scan an entire server and report back the size figures into a database:
'ScanForSize: Option Public Option Declare Use "SizeTools" Sub Initialize Dim s As New NotesSession Dim db As NotesDatabase Dim curDB As NotesDatabase Dim dbDir As NotesDbDirectory Dim serverName As String Set db = s .CurrentDatabase If db .Server = "" Then serverName = "(local)" Else serverName = db .Server End If serverName = Inputbox ( "Please select the server to scan (local) for local" , "Server Scan" ,serverName ) If serverName = "" Then Exit Sub End If If servername = "(local)" Then Set dbDir = New NotesDbDirectory ( "" ) Else Set dbDir = New NotesDbDirectory (serverName ) End If Set curDB = dbdir .GetFirstDatabase ( TEMPLATE_CANDIDATE ) Do Until curDB Is Nothing Print "Working on " & curDB .FilePath Call countThis (curDB , db ) Set curDB = dbDir .GetNextDatabase Loop Msgbox "Run completed" End Sub Sub countThis (curDB As NotesDatabase , reportDB As NotesDatabase ) Dim curSize As DBSizeInfo On Error Resume Next Set curSize = New DBSizeInfo (curDB ) Call curSize .count 'We save only database information that has an attachment If curSize .AttachmentCount > 0 Then Call curSize .save (reportDB ) End If End Sub
This LotusScript was converted to HTML using the ls2html routine,
provided by Julian Robichaux at nsftools.com.

The meat is in the class:
'SizeTools: Option Public Option Declare Public Class DBSizeInfo Private db As NotesDatabase 'The database to be counted Public DBSize As Variant 'Size of the database Public AttachmentSize As Variant Public AttachmentCount As Variant Public DocumentCount As Variant Public hasError As Boolean Sub new (curDB As NotesDatabase) Set db = curDB hasError = False End Sub Public Function Count As Boolean Dim doc As NotesDocument Dim dc As NotesDocumentCollection Dim countResult As Variant Dim sizeResult As Variant On Error Goto Err_Count If Not db.IsOpen Then Call db.Open("","") If Not db.IsOpen Then 'We could not open it Print "Can't open " & db.FilePath Count = False Goto Exit_Count End If End If DBSize = db.Size AttachmentCount = 0 AttachmentSize = 0 DocumentCount = 0 Set dc = db.AllDocuments Set doc = dc.GetFirstDocument Do Until doc Is Nothing If doc.HasEmbedded Then Call getAttachmentSizes(doc) End If DocumentCount = DocumentCount + 1 Set doc = dc.GetNextDocument(doc) Loop Count = True 'If we got here it worked Exit_Count: Exit Function Err_Count: Print Error$ & " in Count in " & db.FilePath & " in line " & Cstr(Erl) Count = False hasError = True Resume Exit_Count End Function Public Sub Save(reportDB As NotesDatabase) Dim doc As NotesDocument Dim v As NotesView Dim searchkey(0 To 1) As String On Error Goto Err_Save Set v = reportDB.GetView("(LookupByServerAndPath)") If v Is Nothing Then Set doc = New NotesDocument(reportDB) Else If db.Server = "" Then searchkey(0) = "(local)" Else searchkey(0) = db.Server End If searchkey(1) = Lcase(db.FilePath) Set doc = v.GetDocumentByKey(searchkey,True) If doc Is Nothing Then Set doc = New NotesDocument(reportDB) End If End If Call doc.ReplaceItemValue("Form","SizeReport") Call doc.ReplaceItemValue("DBSize",Me.DBSize) Call doc.ReplaceItemValue("AttachmentSize",Me.AttachmentSize) Call doc.ReplaceItemValue("AttachmentCount",Me.AttachmentCount) Call doc.ReplaceItemValue("DocumentCount",Me.DocumentCount) If hasError Then Call doc.ReplaceItemValue("ErrorFlag",1) Elseif doc.HasItem("hasError") Then Call doc.RemoveItem("ErrorFlag") End If If db.Server = "" Then Call doc.ReplaceItemValue("ServerName","(local)") Else Call doc.ReplaceItemValue("ServerName",db.Server ) End If Call doc.ReplaceItemValue("FilePath",Lcase(db.FilePath)) Call doc.Save(True,True) Exit_Save: Exit Sub Err_Save: Print Error$ & " in " & db.FilePath Resume Exit_Save End Sub Private Sub getAttachmentSizes(doc As NotesDocument) Dim attNames As Variant Dim att As NotesEmbeddedObject Dim result As Variant result = 0 On Error Goto Err_getAttachmentSizes attNames = Evaluate(|@Attachmentnames|, doc) If attNames(0) <> "" Then Forall an In attNames Print "Checking Attachment " & an Set att = doc.GetAttachment(an) result = result + att.FileSize Me.AttachmentCount = Me.AttachmentCount + 1 End Forall End If Exit_getAttachmentSizes: Me.AttachmentSize = Me.AttachmentSize + result Exit Sub Err_getAttachmentSizes: Print Error$ & " in getAttachmentSizes doc: " & doc.UniversalID Resume Exit_getAttachmentSizes End Sub End Class

You can download the sample database.

Posted by on 29 October 2007 | Comments (7) | categories: Show-N-Tell Thursday


  1. posted by Ulrich Krause on Wednesday 31 October 2007 AD:
    Nice solution!

    I did as similar one way back in 2006. ( http://www.eknori.de/archives/337 )
    My solution not only recognizes the attachments size but calculates, how much space can be saved when there were only a single instance of an attachment. ( like what modern mail archiving systems do ).
    It calculates a hash for every attachment.
  2. posted by Rich on Wednesday 31 October 2007 AD:
    Ah, must have been a signing issue of some kind. I signed the db which didn't seem to make a difference. However, I opened the agent to comment out the 'Working on' Print statement so I could see what else was going on. After I saved it and ran it again, it was fine. Cool tool!
  3. posted by Rich on Wednesday 31 October 2007 AD:
    One thing I've noticed is that the size of my attachments sometimes exceeds the size of the database itself. Attachment compression at work? Is there a way to capture the stored compressed size vs actual?
  4. posted by Jack Dausman on Wednesday 31 October 2007 AD:
    Stephan, what a GREAT idea. Thanks. this is exactly the weapon report we were looking for ! I just didn't know it, until you posted it.
  5. posted by Rich on Wednesday 31 October 2007 AD:
    This is a great idea. I tried the database, locally and on a server, and never see any results. Perhaps another setup step is required? In the status bar it rips through a list of databases, but doesn't seem to open or check any of them. I hope I just missed something simple.
  6. posted by Dev K Menon on Thursday 01 November 2007 AD:
    Great idea Stephan. I will share it with my team. A lot of times we do meet customers who have tons of attachments within their apps and disk space is always a challenge.

    These simple tips can help alot of time wasted on analysing these attachments.
  7. posted by Slawek Rogulski on Friday 02 November 2007 AD:
    Nice one Stephan.