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Advanced Domino Web Development

I've been charged with delivering a workshop "Advanced Domino Web Development". Musing over the content of this workshop I realized, that you need just five things:
  1. Understanding
  2. Tools
  3. Libraries
  4. Reference
  5. Code
In detail, there is a little more stuff to consider. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here the details as MindMap:
To create this map I used a trial version of Tony Buzan's very own software.

Posted by on 01 July 2007 | Comments (2) | categories: Show-N-Tell Thursday


  1. posted by Sean Burgess on Tuesday 03 July 2007 AD:
    That just makes my head hurt and want to start the margharita blender.
  2. posted by Jack Dausman on Tuesday 03 July 2007 AD:
    Very cool !

    So, are you going to try and keep this current? What do you think of http://www.dojomino.com/ ?