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12 days to go -- Metta retreat

We had the briefing last Thursday. The monk answering our questions was very cheerful and his little speech very encouraging. According to him the 3 days of silence will be more rewarding than two weeks of beach club holidays.

Some of the stuff expecting me (courtesy of Thich Nhat Hanh):

Seeing the Buddha before me in the seated meditation position, I breathe in.
Joining my palms in respect, I breathe out.

Seeing the Buddha in me, I breathe in.
Seeing myself in the Buddha, I breathe out.

Seeing the boundary between myself and the Buddha disappear as the Buddha smiles, I breathe in.
Seeing the bondary between the one who respects and the one who is respected disappear as I smile, I breathe out.

Seeing myself bowing deeply to the Buddha, I breathe in.
Seeing the strength of the Buddha enter me, I breathe out.

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