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By Date: October 2020

Deploying your static app to your backend repo using GitHub Actions

Our solution has two parts: a backend written in JavaScript, providing the API and a front-end created in Angular, Ionic, React or whatever is the flavor of the day. Usually you would deploy a web server to handle the URL, host the static files and have it redirect the /api URL to our backend.

However there might be reasons (or that) that we can't or don't want to access the web server and need to serve your front-end app from the /static directory of our backend.

Planning and a little YAML

Merging the two repositories seems initially an easy option, it just would break our workflows, so a different solution needs to be devised. The ask is simple:

Merging UI files into the back-end

Whenever a change happens in the main branch of the front-end application (mostly through an approved pull request), the application should be build and the result transfered to the back-end application where a pull request merges it into main. Duplicate approvals shall be avoided. So we need:

  1. Automatic build on push to main
  2. Pull / Push the bundle changes from front-end to the back-end
  3. Create a pull request and merge it in back-end

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