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I am the "IBM Collaboration & Productivity Advisor" for IBM Asia Pacific. I'm based in Singapore.
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eLearning - are we there yet?

having two teenagers in two of Singapore's top schools, friends providing eLearning solutions and interesting conversations led me to a lot of interactions with schools, teachers and other educators. The education space is getting more and more attention from technology companies and passionate educators: Even if some activities fail the trend is obvious: Tech is taking over. Not so fast!
Speaking to teachers I can sense as much excitement as angst. After all teachers are most impacted by the changing landscape of education. Online education brings globalisation to their work: from being a monopoly (this is your Sec2 math teacher) they jump with little notice to global competition, where they need to match the best (recorded) teaching lessons on the planet. Recordings come with a pause and a rewind button, teachers not so much. The teachers role is changing rapidly:
The Education Evolution.jpg
To make this transition successful, more focus needs to given to empower the dedicated educators to adopt the new roles. I'm certain, if done right, their job satisfaction will grow, students will like school more than they do now and the skills for the next generation can emerge. LKY knows this, he reminded us: What worked {for Singapore} for the last 30 years, will not work in the future.


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Gravatar Image2 - @Piet: not sure how that fits in K-Station was knowledge management and not eLearning.

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You're right. But I don't think you go quite far enough. (Big surprise, I know.)

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