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Firefox takes a page from the Notes UI

For what it is worth: The iPhone made the tiled desktop, pioneered by Notes more than a decade ago, popular. Microsoft's ribbon was predated by a Lotus design. Now it's Firefox turn to adopt a Lotus UI element. The latest Firefox 4.0 beta release sports a menu button:
Firefox 4.0 menu button
That button looks very much like the Start button featured in Lotus Notes, Lotus Symphony, Lotus Expeditor and Websphere Portal
Notes Start button


Gravatar Image1 - The Mozilla suite browser (post Netscape Navigator, pre Firefox) had tabs. I believe Opera had tabs before that.

Gravatar Image2 - There’s been some discussion about changing the menu button in Firefox 4.0, so I figured I’d give it a shot. It’s just CSS, so how hard could it be?

Gravatar Image3 - @Adi: Notes 8 was released in August 2007. However the first client to show the Start button was R7 on Red Hat Linux which was July 2006 (Full history here).
However the start button was featured early as 2004 in the WCT (Workplace Client Technology) which became eventually Lotus Expeditor

@Erik: Yep.

Gravatar Image4 - Sorry, but I didn't belive that the button's like the open button in Notes is an invention from IBM. Office 2007 with it's new design has a similar button (Button with office logo). And the name "Office 2007" tell us, that it was prior to Notes 8, which was the first with an open button...

Gravatar Image5 - R&D - Rob & Deployment Emoticon

Gravatar Image6 - The open button was just a ripoff from Microsoft's Start button. That was nothing new. I'm sure that Microsoft stole it from somewhere else before that. The wheel keeps turning.

Gravatar Image7 - Didn't Firefox introduce tabs to the browser world (copied from Notes?) Or was that Netscape?

Gravatar Image8 - "steel with pride and improve" I would call it!


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